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Twice the Pi ?

This is a guide to making Pi-star card copies …… Note the copy routine in Pistar will ONLY copy from a sd card. Details below will show how to copy a working SD (TF) card in a Hotspot via a card adaptor over usb to another card, making an identical copy – this has been…

The oscilloscope.

What is an oscilloscope? The oscilloscope is a very useful piece of test equipment. It is a measuring device (if you paid many thousands of pounds for it), giving accurate measurements to a high degree. It is also an indicating device, (with a more modest budget) giving a good indication (with reasonable accuracy) as to…

A Bluebell Hill Radio Society project, and construction competition.

This article describes the construction of a medium wave amplitude modulation 7 transistor receiver. It is built from a kit of parts, sourced from ebay, where delivery from WITHIN the UK should be less than £10. The kit itself is of Chinese origin, and with a Chinese set of instructions, much frustration will be had,…

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