Twice the Pi ?

This is a guide to making Pi-star card copies …… Note the copy routine in Pistar will ONLY copy from a sd card.

Details below will show how to copy a working SD (TF) card in a Hotspot via a card adaptor over usb to another card, making an identical copy – this has been done on a Pi Zero.

From a physical point of view – you will need an adapter to connect Micro SD (TF) card to Pi’s USB port. 

For ease but not essential wipe 2nd card before cloning, I used SD formatter on a Windows system and run a quick format on the card. 

See link =

Once formatted, remove from the windows system.

If you’re familiar and experienced with Linux.  Run the following commands: 

otherwise please read on – detailed explanation follows (you have been warned-hi).  

Connect SD(TF) card via USB port

Via Console screen, login.

1. lsblk – to check your sd card name

2. Sudo pistar-clone sda – then answer following questions 




3. sudo shutdown now

Boot from cloned card


4. sudo pistar-expand

5. Sudo reboot – That’s it….

If not so much then it’s Hotspot time…. 

Please note – When you see <Enter>this means press Enter / Return after the typed command…

Via your web browser..

Http:// Add :2222 to the end of your Hotspot’s ip address as in this example.

pi-star login: pi-star

Password: Your password

Next you should see the following screen


1. Type: lsblk  <Enter> – and you will see the following


This is the SD (TF) card in your Hotspot currently working. In this example it is showing 14.9G for mmcblk0 which is a 16gb card, 63Meg boot (Dos) partition, with 14.8Gig left for the Pistar / Linux system.

2. Now connect your 2nd SD card to the USB port and type: lsblk again 


As you can see in this example I have used a 8GB sd card this is showing as sda 7.4G (Don’t worry about the sda1 volume / part)

3. Now type: sudo pistar-clone sda <Enter> 

    When the following screen shows says Yes/no say ‘yes’ & press Enter


4. After the following screen shows – press <Enter> to agree


5. Last screen – asking to proceed Yes / No – Say “Yes” <Enter>


After ‘Yes’ is entered in the last prompt – It will take several minutes to copy system over and return with a completed message – (Time for a Tea Break now….)

6. After copy process is finished – re type: lsblk  <Enter>

As shown above ‘sda’ card now shows a 1.8G partition called sda2

This card will now need to be booted from and the file system expanded to fill up the whole sd card.

7. To shut Hotspot down / off – type: sudo shutdown now  <Enter>

Swap cards over & log back into console screen go to top of this document then return here

8. Type: sudo pistar-expand  <Enter>  This command will expand the pistar system to whole card size.

After a screen full of text – the Hotspot needs to be rebooted

Type: sudo reboot  <Enter>

And that’s it …… Enjoy 🙂


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