The oscilloscope.

What is an oscilloscope? The oscilloscope is a very useful piece of test equipment. It is a measuring device (if you paid many thousands of pounds for it), giving accurate measurements to a high degree. It is also an indicating device, (with a more modest budget) giving a good indication (with reasonable accuracy) as toContinue reading “The oscilloscope.”


A Bluebell Hill Radio Society project, and construction competition.

This article describes the construction of a medium wave amplitude modulation 7 transistor receiver. It is built from a kit of parts, sourced from ebay, where delivery from WITHIN the UK should be less than £10. The kit itself is of Chinese origin, and with a Chinese set of instructions, much frustration will be had,Continue reading “A Bluebell Hill Radio Society project, and construction competition.”

DMR Radio programming guide

DMR Programming guide. This programming guide is aimed at giving the necessary understanding so that anyone can programme a DMR radio. It does not contain any screenshots, because although that would be very useful if you had the same radio as the author, it will almost certainly confuse if you don’t… First, a brief overviewContinue reading “DMR Radio programming guide”